IPC-A-610H - Lecture based training on Acceptability of Electronics Assemblies 

Topics include- Purpose and application of IPC-A-610; Hardware installation; Soldering criteria, including lead free connections; Soldering requirements for connecting to terminals; Soldering connection requirements for plated-through holes; Surface mounting criteria for chip components, leadless and leaded chip carriers; Jumper wire assembly requirements; Criteria for component damage, laminate conditions, cleaning and coating

J-STD-001H - Lecture and hands-on skills based training on Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronics Assemblies

Topics include- General requirements such as safety, tools, and electrostatic discharge (ESD); Wire and terminal assembly requirements, demonstration and laboratory; Through hole technology requirements, demonstration and laboratory; Surface mount technology requirements, demonstration and laboratory; General soldered connection acceptance requirements including lead free; Inspection methodologies, demonstration and laboratory

J-STD-001GS - Revision HS will be available as soon as IPC releases the training material.

Lecture based Space Addendum to the J-STD is also available as a 4 hour additional module to the basic course.   

IPC/WHMA-A-620D - Lecture based training on Requirements and Acceptance of Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies

Topics include- Cable and wire dimensioning, tolerances and preparation; Crimp terminations- stamped and formed contacts; Machined contacts; Insulation displacement connections; Ultrasonic welding; Soldered terminations; Splices; Connectorization; Molding and potting; Marking and labeling; Co-ax and twin-ax assembly; Wire bundle securing; Shielding; Installation; Wire wrap (solderless); Testing of Cable/Wire harness assemblies

Hands on instruction using your equipment is also available as a hands on optional module.

IPC-7711 &-7721 - Lecture and hands-on skills based training on Rework, Repair and Modification of Electronics Assemblies

Topics include- Product classification, skill levels, tools and materials; Basic surface mount and through-hole component removal; Land preparation and component installation; Primary heating methods: conductive, convective, etc.; Handling electronics assemblies; Wire splicing techniques; Through hole component removal and installation; Chip and MELF rework procedures; SOIC/SOT, J-lead, and QFP rework; Printed wiring board circuit and laminate repair; Conformal coating removal

IPC-A-600K - Lecture based training and labs on Acceptability of Printed Circuit Boards

Topics include- Printed board product classifications and acceptance criteria; Base material surface and subsurface conditions such as measling/crazing; Solder resist coverage over conductors and registration to lands; Conductor width, spacing and annular ring requirements; Dielectric material criteria for etchback, voids, and resin recession; Plated through-hole requirements for copper plating thickness, voids, nodules and cracks; Acceptance criteria for flexible, rigid-flex and metal core printed boards





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